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Projects root :: fEncH v.3.1

This is a fast and simple, yet hard to crack encryption program. It uses XOR encryption with variable key, based on the password that user inputs to the program, it rumbles bits in the bytes, etc. The basic version doesn't change the size of the file that is encrypted. The newer versions have an extra 7bit coding, so that it is usable inside the XML (it is to be used inside the QtBaza in the next release), and that doubles the size of the file. The program is written using ANSI C and should be runnable on all OSs that have a C compiler (UNIXes, Windows, MacOS, VMS, ...). The source and binaries are available here.

For porting fEncH to Win32 platform, I used the "getpass" function supplied by Apache Software Foundation.
Win32 binaries are built by Ivan Dimkovic, Nero Digital.