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Racine de projets :: Centre national pour la numérotisation

Recently, important efforts have been made to digitize, preserve, describe and index the cultural and scientific heritage all over the world. This project will study interdisciplinary topics that arise during such a process. Multimedia scanning and organizing (for every kind of relevant objects), storage and retrieval methods will be investigated, evaluated and applied. Our aim is to design models and construct prototypes of information systems that should be used in Yugoslav cultural and scientific institutions having in mind that their goals include offering easy access to cultural heritage to large populations of public users, as well as experts. The project is supervised by Mathematical Institute, SANU and Mathematical Faculty at the University of Belgrade. For more information please take a look at the official project presentation (http://www.ncd.matf.bg.ac.yu) and also the new presentation (http://toledo.mi.sanu.ac.yu/~brcha) that will be installed in a short while.