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Sav2k3-05.jpgFederal Competition in Informatics 2003 (5)
Federal Competition in Informatics 2003 - Electrotechnical "Higher-School", Belgrade
I was a member of the team that managed the competition
Petrovac 2003 (12)
Zoki and I in Petrovac@Sea (Montenegro). Some other friends were in a places near by, so we had company :)
011_03~1-_9a_0065.jpgRajac 2003 (23)
Maxa, Bajceta and I visiting Rista in army at Rajac mountain, near Ljig
National Center for Digitization (1)
Pictures related to National Center for Digitization
Hatsumi,%20Zoka%20i%20Filip%20na%20Avali.jpgNinjutsu (1)
Pictures related to Ninjutsu
Screen shots (1)
Screen shots of my computer (Athlon@900MHz, 256MB RAM, 40GB HD1, 2.5GB HD2, CDRW, LinuX)
FilipBrcicHieroglyphs.jpgOther (5)
Other uncategorized pictures